About The Rutland Cake Company  



My name is Naomi and I love making cakes! I really care about protecting the enviroment and supporting other local businesses, projects and people.


I have been baking since I was very small and always dreamt of owning my own business. After wishing and dreaming for many years I finally cracked on with it, designing and buidling our own premises based near Oakham, Rutland.


I wanted the bakery to be all about showcasing our amazing Rutland - hence The Rutland Cake Company!


In 2017 I won the Biz Club award for Business of The Year at a prestigious ceremy presented by Leon Lloyd. In the same year I was runner up at the  Leicester Women in Business awards supported by the FSB.


In January 2019 I moved location to my Council registered and insured home kitchen, where I will be doing all my baking. I also do demonstrations, classes, recipe development and product testing!