About me



My name is Naomi and I've been making cakes for a long time, since I was a little girl I've been reading cook books. After making cakes for my children and their friends I decicded to go professional. No qualifications, just years of practice. After doing a wedding cake for a friend I thought how hard can this be? Well, my home kitchen quickly became a nightmare to use as the cake orders came flooding in. I did a lot of test marketting at the Oakham Farmers Market and discovered some seriously loyal fans!


In 2016 we built our shed at Oakham Enterprise Park. It's more than a shed really, it took a huge amount of research, planning and was incredibly stressful to build but we did it. We designed it ourselves and built it oursleves! We have been open since Feb 2017 and this is where we make all our cakes and also we decided to open up the front as a small cafe. I make all the celebration cakes, another baker helps with all the trade orders and all my staff love baking so everyone joins in and helps.


Photo courtesy of Eli Dean Photography

Baking is still my favourite hobby! Running the business can be pretty hard work but ultimately seeing happy faces makes it all worth while. Before The Rutland Cake Company I jointly ran MOSAIC Garden Design, winning several RHS medals including 2 Golds and Best in Show. I now leave that all to my husband and concentrate on the baking.


Thanks for stopping by, Naomi